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Industry Partners

Our talented data scientists work with businesses, charities, government agencies and enterprises, making social and economic difference by applying their impressive skills to important real life problems.

Data Analyst

How Our Students Can Help Your Organisation

Data is nothing without intelligence

It is vital to be able to explain how and why artificial intelligence works to make informed decisions. Our students are excellent at piercing the "black box" of AI models, explaining how they function to be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We train them to be critical and reach that bit further to fully understand the scientific background of any situation, allowing them to find new solutions to difficult problems. 

Industry Examples

Fighting Malaria

Our students have used data science to develop algorithms designed to function with a laser scanner to diagnose malaria in South Africa.

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Our students worked on a project that allowed airlines to capture, analyse, and share data on air turbulence.

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Arctic Voyage

Further North, our students worked on a big data management project combining ice monitoring and weather forecasting to optimise Arctic voyage planning.

Our Supporters

We have connections with many public and private sector organisations who have provided placements for DISCnet students, including but not limited to the partners listed below.

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Work With DISCnet

We are always looking to collaborate with new industry partners, and we hope that you will be able to identify how collaborating with DISCnet can benefit your organisation, working together to build connections with us and our very talented students.

Find out more about working with us here.

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