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Data Intensive Science Centre in the South East Physics Network

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Data intensive science has a huge, and rapidly growing, potential to influence the economic and societal health and wealth of the UK and the wider world.  DISCnet is an STFC Centre for Doctoral Training, providing a platform upon which we can train a new generation of post-graduate data intensive scientists.​

Our DISCnet students are exceptional problem solvers and highly-skilled data scientists. From their PhD research they bring extensive experience of handling data intensive tasks and managing complex data sets and problems. The DISCnet data science programme adds intensive training to equip them with the toolkit to fill skills gaps in the data science economy.

We focus on building working relationships between businesses and postgraduate students and researchers. Through partnerships with industry, we provide data rich organisations with risk-free access to the latest data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence research. 

We are actively seeking new partnerships with forward-thinking organisations that want to unlock the full potential of their data by exploring new avenues in data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

We match our brilliant data science students with businesses and non-profit organisations on three-month placements where they apply their advanced skills to data-intensive projects.


DISCnet Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners

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DISCnet Training

The innovative DISCnet training programme provides a mix of interdisciplinary, externally relevant data intensive science skills, appropriate domain-specific knowledge and professional and personal development skills. The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) has awarded an ‘A rating to the DISCnet Centre for Doctoral Training, Find out more about our innovative training here.

DISCnet Research

The core DISCnet research covers a range of leading astronomical and particle physics research areas:

Across all partners, we are interested in wide-field optical and infrared imaging and spectroscopic surveys. We use these surveys to image large areas of sky and lead spectroscopic follow up.

CERN is the pivotal facility in particle physics. After the discovery of the Higgs boson, the next frontier will be the search for physics beyond the Standard Model. 

Physical interpretation of our survey data requires theory-based models. We develop and perform N-body and hydrodynamical simulations, including gravity, general relativity, and radiation feedback to support our observational efforts in compact objects, galaxy evolution, structure formation, the reionization epoch, and cosmology. 

A key focus of our research concerns the transient sky and variability. We study black holes and neutron stars to understand accretion phenomena, test general relativity, and determine the equation-of-state of degenerate matter. 

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